How Do Smart Glasses Help the Healthcare Industry?

If you are reading this, you probably are looking for alternative technology to improve your organization's work process. You are probably frustrated at the fact that people are wasting too much time in communication. Even with that wasted time, there is still miscommunication between colleagues. Here at Roboxa, we offer the best solution to support remote assistance and task management, all in a pair of smart glasses.

Why Are Smart Glasses the Next Trend in the Retail Industry?

The retail industry is an important part of our economy. In 2016, an estimated 23,000 retail establishments chalked up operating receipts estimated at $35 billion, and contributed 1.4% to Singapore’s GDP. So, how do we improve on this in the coming years?

Smart Glasses: The Next Generation to Aid Government Establishments

With the rise of technological advancements, the public sector especially in the area of law enforcement is constantly being equipped with the latest gadgets to facilitate overall surveillance. It is no surprise that smart glasses are being adopted to aid in this area too.

Smart Glasses Increases Productivity Levels in the Automotive Industry

Assembly lines are all about speed, productivity, accuracy, compliance and quality control. Every detail counts in the automotive and aerospace industry. That is why manufacturers are implementing the use of smart glasses to bring real-time solutions to the plant floor.

How Do Smart Glasses Help the Logistics Industry?

Is there a device that can help with managing warehouse stocks with lesser miscommunication? What about if that same tool is able to increase productivity in your organization? Look no further than a pair of smart glasses to do just that.

The Use of Smart Glasses to Enhance Manufacturing Efficiency

Ever wondered if there is a smart technology tool to improve your manufacturing work with minimal human errors? What if we told you that there is a tool to increase worker productivity too?

Smart Glasses Transform the MRO Industry

In the field of maintenance, repair and operations (MRO), it is incredibly important to ensure that your staff are equipped with the latest gadgets to maximise your workflow potential. We recognise that unnecessary miscommunication can be a big problem to your staff. To solve your problem, we would like to introduce you to a gadget that will help shake some stress off the trouble.

The Revolution of Smart Glasses Usage in the Aerospace Industry

Advancement in technology in recent years is transforming every aspect in human lives. New dynamics are taking everything to new levels of experience and simplifying human life.